Procedure for How to Revise TDS Return on TRACES

How to Revise TDS Return: The TDS return is to be filed at regular intervals at NSDL website as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act by the person deducting TDS. After return filing the deductor may find some errors with the return filed or some details are required to be added. The errors may be due to error in the amount deducted, incorrect PAN or incorrect challan details. In this case you can file a revised TDS return to correct the errors made. With the help of the TRACES website of the income tax department you can easily rectify the errors in the TDS return.

How to Revise TDS Return Online

How to Revise TDS Return

The following procedure should be known before seeing the steps for filing the revised TDS return.

  • The deductor details such as name, address etc., should be updated. This is termed as C1 correction.
  • The challan details such as serial no. , tender date, BSR code and amounts should be updated. This is termed as C2.
  • Update/delete/add the details of deductee. This is termed as C3.
  • Add/delete salary record details. This is termed as C4.
  • PAN of the deductee or employee should be updated. This is termed as C5.
  • Adding of new challan and underlying deductees and it is termed as C9.
  • Cancel accepted statement. This type of correction is known as Y. Cancellation of Regular TDS/TCS can be done only if the TAN of the deductor is being revised. When you cancel the regular statement with incorrect TAN, it is necessary to file a new regular TDS/TCS statement with correct TAN.

Steps to File Revised TDS Return Online

Wondering how to revise TDS Return? There are several options that can be much helpful in a variety of ways. To rectify the errors mentioned above in the exiting e-TDS return, follow the steps given below.

  1. The same format should be used for filing the existing return should be used for filing the revised TDS return.
  2. The Return Preparation Utility should be used to revise your data. The latest RPU utility should be downloaded from the NSDL website.
  3. Download the file validation utility and validate your filed TDS return and verify it.
  4. The next step is filing of revised TDS return. It can be done physically or Online.
  5. TIN FC center near your office should be visited. The e-TDS returns filing can be done at any TIN-FC. The addresses can be extracted from the official website or via
  6. The IT department also facilitates the filing of revised e-TDS return online. The concerned person has to log in with online eTDS/TCS filling.

How to Tracking the Filed Return

The following are the steps to track the revised TDS return filing request.

  • Login to the TRACES website. Under the “Defaults” tab select the “Track correction request”.
  • Enter the Request number and the period for which the request has been made.
  • Click “view request” to access the request or “View all” to view all the request.
  • View the status of the Revised TDS Return filing request.

How to Complete the Rectification

The following are the steps to complete the correction or rectification.

  • Visit the official website of TRACES website and view the rectification status. Proceed for the correction if it displays as ‘Available’.
  • The token number entered should be checked with the statement related to the return.
  • Once the details are authenticated by the income tax department, alter the PAN and challan details.

Key Points to be Noted

The following important points should be kept in mind for filing the revised TDS return.

  • Online revisions can be done only for statements issued post financial year 2007-08.
  • Online changes can be done only in the PAN and challan. For any other revision in the return, one needs to make changes through TIN-FC. 
  • The taxpayer must be registered on the TRACES portal for Online rectification.
  • User must ensure that the updated changes or corrections are in harmony with the acceptable alterations in the TDS report.

Partially Accepted Statements

If the status shows as “Partially Accepted” then you have to follow the below steps.

  • Ensure that the rectifications with respect to the accepted records in the TDS report are duly updated. 
  • The user must update the correct PAN number in his statement because incorrect PAN leads to rejection of Remuneration.

There are many software’s available to file and Revise TDS returns. The same software which is used to file the initial TDS return should be used to revise the TDS return. A TDS return can be revised any number of times before the expiry of one year from the end of the assessment year or before assessment by the department is completed, whichever is earlier.

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